The therapeutic technique SOUL BODY FUSION is a tool for raising awareness and integrating the multiple dimensions of human activities i.e. physical, emotional, rational and intuitive – spiritual . Thus SBF also becomes a tool for spiritual transformation.




This method was developed by Dr. Jonette Crowley from the Center of Creative Consciousness in Denver and it  is based on simple principles of merging the lower vibrations of physical body with higher vibrations of spiritual body. This process is possible because such natural phenomena like -the power of intention and the principle of resonance are employed here . According to Dr. Richard Gerber, author of ‘Vibrational Medicine’ matter and energy demonstrate the electrical nature while the higher frequencies exceeding the speed of light are magnetic. In the physical ‘linear ‘ world we observe the law of entropy that determines  the direction towards the chaos (disintegration) while in the quantum space ‘non- linear’ there is the opposite trend towards the higher order (integration)

Jonette Crowley believes that the ‚rush’ towards entropy in our lives is exacerbated by the lack of attunement between  body and soul vibrations. In other words, we do not inhabit our bodies fully and therefore we are not fully Ourselves. The reasons for this type of disintegration were numerous traumas and negative programs experienced by us from the very early stages of life, e.g.

  • Psychological pain caused by rejection
  • Birth trauma
  • Sexual abuse in childhood
  • Lack of interest in the baby coming into the world
  • Being abandoned and deserted
  • Fear, shock
  • Negative judgment on the physical body especiallyin early childhood
  • Loss, grief, disappointment
  • Sense of guilt
  • Cultural background and religious dogmas as subjects out of questions.
  • Dysfunctional familyenvironment during adolescence, dysfunctional families (emotional disorders, mental violence, overprotection, addictions like  alcoholism, workaholism …)


But Dr. Bruce H. Lipton professor of biology at the University of Wisconsin proves -on the basis of the research done in the field of quantum biology- that we do not need to remain in traumatic conditions throughout our life. This change will be  possible if we modify our beliefs and maintain our proper intentions at high level of spiritual – mental vibrations. „I dare say that human intelligence can be fully understood only when you are connected with your  spirit (energy), or so called super consciousness ‚. By Deepak Chopra – an Indian doctor, writer and philosopher ‚people struggling with physical and mental problems, not guessing that the source of problems is destruction the bond between soul and body’




SOUL BODY  FUSION (fusion of body vibrations with the vibrations of the soul) is a process that allows you to restore this bond and enable you to be  more present and creative Here and Now.

According to  Jonette Crowley – our intention to align the lower vibrations of the physical body with the higher vibrations of our soul -contributes to the creation of a new tuned harmonics in our personal life , which in turn, resonates positively with our surroundings. From the scientific point of view, we are dealing with synchronization of different patterns of vibrations that allows us a better flow of information and thus better communication. The intention itself  is an act of conscious choice, it is a focused awareness – and we know from  quantum physics that our reality is just shaped by our awareness..