Gestalt Therapy

In my work I use mostly Gestalt approach to psychotherapy. The practice of Gestalt Therapy has emerged as a synthesis of many philosophical concepts- including inter alia: interpersonal psychoanalysis, existential phenomenology, Gestalt psychology, holism, systems and field theory, Zen Buddhism, psychodrama and experimental theatre. Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman. Gestalt Psychotherapy is a journey into yourself in an authentic and honest relationship between a client and a therapist. Therapeutic contact enables the clients to experience themselves here and now and recognize their own feelings, emotions, thoughts and body sensations-often resulting from ’unfinished business’ in the past. Therefore, the therapeutic relationship gives the clients opportunities to accept themselves as they are and complete their things of the past. Only then the change towards the improvement the quality of your life is possible. These changes relate to the sensory, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions.
Therapy period is the vital time for exploration your own creative potential and verification of those life attitudes that hinder the recognition and satisfaction of many developmental needs. During this time you can get to know your uniqueness and efficacy. Gestalt therapy favours the clients responsibility for their choices and evasions as well as respects the clients pace of work at such a level of insight that is appropriate for them here and now. Serge Ginger in his book ‘La Gestalt. L’art du contact’- wrote that therapist gives clients a sense of security, helps them with techniques and experience, but also accompanies them in discovering their own curiosities, and tries to respect them, just as scrupulously respects the program of clients expedition ‘arranged’ by them during sessions. Clients role is to set today’s routes, the therapist role , in turn, is to follow the clients without imposing his/her own pace or route. However, the therapist is a person who provides security, so she or he can refuse to take a trip that is too dangerous or untimely for a client.