About Me


I graduated from a four-year study of Gestalt psychotherapy in Gestalt Therapy Institute in Cracow having accreditation of the European Association of Psychotherapy , European Association for Gestalt Therapy and Forge ( International Federation of Gestalt Training Organizations ) . In 2011-2013, I became a certified psychotherapist of Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy and received The European Certificate of Psychotherapy and The European Certificate of Gestalt Psychotherapy . I am a member of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy . When it comes to my further education- am a biologist, English philologist and qualified Rebirther .

I participated in a number of personal development trainings in Gestalt approach – led by such knowledgeable people as: Anne Aillaud , Peter Schulthess , Jacek Pierzchała , Thomas Rebeta and Magda Zaleska – Stolzman . I also took part in the Conference of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy ‚ Gestalt Psychotherapy – individual, group , society ‚ and in the international 11 – th Conference of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy – ” The heArt of connecting co- creating Individuals and communities ‚, The seminars by Jan Roubal ‚Psychopathology-Perspective on Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy’ (work with a patient experiencing depression, mourning and suicidal thoughts) and Field theory in clinical practice – psychotherapist’s competences; seminar led by Gianni Francesetti ‚Absence is a bridge between us. Gestalt psychotherapy in the face of depressive experiences’. I also developed my knowledge in other modalities of therapeutic work by participating , inter alia: in a conference of psychoanalysis ‚ Uniqueness of a Patient and Standards of Conduct in Therapy ‚, training and workshops referring to process-oriented therapy, assertiveness , Family Constellations by Hellinger, therapeutic activities aimed at the body work with the use of pulsing ,Alexander techniques, bioenergetics therapy, reflexology as well as -joga breathing system (rebirthing). I also held  a 6-week clinical  internship (placement) in a Psychiatric Center in Morawica (Poland) . In 2014  I completed advanced training in the process of  SOUL BODY FUSION which helps  harmonize the  client’s energy field at the quantum level . This modality was developed by Jonette Crowley from the Center of Creative Consciousness in Denver USA. In 2015 I became an active representative of the Center for Creative Consciousness and certified by Jonette Crowley the  Soul Body Fusion teacher authorized to teach the process and certify the graduates of the course. In 2017 I received a degree in Recall Healing from Dr. Gilbert Ranaud. Recall Healing is a method of healing that belongs to the current of psychobiology and involves discovering the unconscious emotional conflicts that are the cause of illness.

In working with a client I impart consultation, run a long-term and a short-term psychotherapy as well as I lead couples psychotherapy. My work with clients is regularly supervised and monitored. In my work I respect Strasbourg Declaration and the EAGT Ethical Code. I work in the field of humanistic psychology which implies that a person has his/her own potential for development. What is more, a human being as inherently good -has inclination to release himself/ herself from the external control and tends to upgrade his/her full potential. This process is primarily a way forward to develop self –awareness in many aspects of human activities. This is the way of updating ideas about ourselves.

In my holistic approach to clients- I tirelessly explore the levels of human consciousness, the resources of inner wisdom and numerous intuitive talents, which often exceed the limits of logically (linearly)- oriented mind. I am particularly interested in dream work as well as the use of fantasy , associations, visualization, imagination, intuitive painting, psychodrama in psychotherapy and their impact on development of a client awareness and creativity. I am also working in areas of prenatal and post natal experiences of a client (the traumatic labour stress, the prenatal and perinatal bond with the mother, mother’s personality and her psychophysical reactions to child birth, family resources). In my therapeutic work I like to apply some aspects of the Rebirthing therapy –especially in the treatment of deep trauma and in working with emotions revealed. A valuable complement to my current psychotherapeutic knowledge are also my discoveries in the field of quantum synchronization and healing negative emotions. In 2018 I obtained a certificate of completion of workshops conducted by Dr. Frank. J Kinslow ‚The Art and Science of Achieving Happiness’.